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By meghan morasan

It’s A Process


This podcast is dedicated to every young adult who’s struggling to find themselves post-college. Not enough people talk about the STRUGGLE of finding yourself in you mid- to early-twenties. Outside of the stereotypical “finding a job”,  “paying off loans”, and just learning how to be more self-sufficient, there’s also a giant chance you need to completely re-figure out who you are again, and that is something no one prepares you for. Maybe that’s just me…but in case it isn’t, here’s my podcast where I rant and hopefully talk through issues that others may be dealing with too. Because let us be honest…life…it’s a process.

Meghan Morasan

I am by no means a life expert, but honestly…who is? I’m just another young person, who left their hometown, and is trying to find themselves and figure out the right and wrong things to do. My goal of “It’s A Process” is to prove to others that life moves on even when you have no idea what you’re doing.